Technology is evolving every day. In the aviation space, innovative technology can optimize repair processes.

Read on to learn about the new technology at Delta TechOps that provides big benefits – along every step of the repair cycle.

Fluoride Ion Cleaning Machine

It all starts with a clean product. Fluoride ion cleaning is the most up to date cleaning method for effectively removing oxides from superalloys, preparing the material for braze repair.


Low Vacuum Plasma Spray Machine

After the cleaning process, parts enter this system to get a highly reliable plasma coating. This newer technology allows for versatility when repairing high tech parts.


Coating Machine

As the newest technology in the industry, this machine brings a fresh approach to spray application technology. Three spray processes are available with this machine, allowing for even more versatility to repair multiple material types.


5-Axis Milling Machine

To wrap up the repair process, a state-of-the-art milling machine allows for 5-axes simultaneous machining. A swivel rotary table provides accessibility and final finishing to design specifications.