CF34-3 Engine

GE Aviation

Technical Specifications

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The CF34®  family of engines combines military and commercial airline technology and is used in several Bombardier models, including the CRJ200 Series and Challenger 604, 605 and 850. Delta TechOps has serviced these engines since 2001.


Modification, Repair and Overhaul

  • Full Restoration/Overhaul (All Modules)
  • Hospital Visit (Check/Repair)
  • Light Maintenance (Minimal Penetration)
  • Performance Restoration (Gas Path)

Engine Test Cell Runs

1st Run Warranty Repairs

Repair Service for Engine Components and Basic Engine Parts

On-Wing Support

Engine Condition and Trend Monitoring

Non-Destructive Testing and Diagnostics

  • FPI (Fluorescent & Penetrant Inspection)
  • MPI (Magnetic Particle Inspection)
  • Immersion Ultra-Sonic NDT
  • RF and Eddy Current NDT
  • Borescope

Engineering Support

AOG Support Worldwide, 24/365 – Available to Customers

Provisioning of Lease Engines and Spare Parts through Delta TechOps’ Inventory Exchange Support

Customized Complete Fleet™ Programs

ISO 9001 Certification

FAA/EASA Dual Release Capability

FAR Part 145 and Part 121 Repair Authority