Delta Material Services

The commitment to and passion for service that drive Delta Air Lines also take flight with Delta Material Services (DMS), a wholly owned subsidiary of Delta Air Lines. At DMS, we not only connect our business partners with the materials and components they need, we also deliver outstanding customer service. Our core values of integrity, respect and perseverance are at the heart of each customer interaction.

Our Model

Whether you are looking to purchase, exchange or lease, DMS provides the material you need via flexible transaction offerings. If you’re looking to sell your materials, DMS will consider both outright purchases and consignment transactions. DMS is the sole provider of surplus materials to Delta Air Lines and delivers the best possible return for your materials.


Our procurement team buys parts and inventory packages for our customers and partners with you to find the best options for your surplus inventory.


Our sales team provides the best-in-class customer experience and connects you with a network of inventory to help make your operation even better.


DMS manages Delta’s lease portfolio of spare engines from a global supplier network. We also deliver short-term engine lease transactions to support our customers’ needs.


DMS provides flexibility to our customers by offering exchange transactions in place of outright purchases of inventory to help manage costs in your operation.

consignment programs

DMS offers consignment of aircrafts, engines or parts. We have preferred access to Delta’s internal demand and the world’s largest joint Airline/MRO support network.

Our Inventory

DMS is one of the largest buyers of used aircraft, engines and components worldwide. We are the sole provider of used material to Delta Air Lines and the sole distributor of used material leaving Delta’s fleet. The combination of Delta’s inventory with our purchases and consignment inventory from other operators, lessors, MROs and OEMs forms one of the largest and most active collections of used serviceable material in the industry.

Please contact our sales team to check on material availability.


Whole engines formerly operated by Delta Air Lines are available for purchase, lease or exchange. Through our MRO Services division, we offer engines fresh from shop visit to meet your specifications.


Delta’s fleet retirements coupled with DMS purchases of surplus aircraft provide our customers with a wide variety of inventory distributed from our Atlanta warehouse.



The DMS Quality System is the foundation of our outstanding customer service. ASA100 and AS9120 certifications are evidence of our robust processes, ensuring consistent delivery of service to meet your expectations. We are a member of AFRA and manage substantial aircraft dismantling operations at three locations, supplying quality parts to our business partners worldwide.

Quality Control and Compliance | ASA-100 & FAA AC 00-56

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DMS Quality Assurance Self Survey | Delta Material Services

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DMS Supplier Code of Conduct

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DMS AS9120-B and ISO9001:2015 Certification

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DMS Supplier Guidelines

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